What was your worst holiday experience?

Danni Liljekrans Toastmasters

The Contest chair asked us to do something funny...

The Contest chair asked us to do something funny…

Today, I participated in the annual fall contest in Toastmasters. In fact, we had the club contests last Tuesday, and today it was time for the club winners in our area to compete against each other. I won on Tuesday, so today I was competing against two skilled speakers from the Malmö Toastmasters Club. As this was my first competition, I was not even close to being calm and collected 🙂

During the fall, there are two competitions in Toastmasters: Humorous Speeches and Table Topics. In the humorous speech contest, you write a 5-7 minute speech that contains humor besides from all the other things a good speech require. In Table Topics, you are given a topic and then with up to 30 seconds of preparation, you give a 1-2 minute speech.

The title of this blog post was the question I was given today. I quickly tried to mentally browse through my short list of holidays. My trip to India came to mind – in particular the part where I was sick from food poisoning while on a 14 hour 3rd class train ride. They had to call for a doctor, in the middle of the night! Unfortunately, I didn’t remember that bit in my speech. However, I’m proud to say that I will be representing our area (the Danish + Malmö Toastmasters club) in Oslo at the Division Conference!


Danni Liljekrans

Jeg er uddannet ingeniør, trænet facilitator og certificeret coach. Jeg skriver artikler om personlig udvikling, psykologi og vaner fordi jeg elsker at forstå komplicerede emner og formidle dem simpelt, samtidig med at jeg elsker at hjælpe folk til mere selvindsigt. Mit mål er at du opnår bedre relationer med dem omkring dig - og måske især med dig selv.

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